Find your Passion

2 reasons why it’s a good thing that you hate your job

You might be here because you are tired of the way things are, and you’ve decided to change status quo.  Or maybe things are okay, but not the way you want them to… Read More

Find your Passion

Want to find your passion? Start with these 5 questions

In today’s society we’re so bombarded with pictures of Instagram glam lives and flawless celebrities, that it’s easy to feel too worthless and demoralised to even begin chasing our dreams. Which is why it is SO… Read More

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2 questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck

Something might be missing in your life, but what is it exactly? I remember asking myself this question when I didn’t know what my passion was and I didn’t know what to… Read More

Find your Passion

Two powerful steps to feel more passionate + a free printable

Are you looking for your passion? Because let me tell you this. Your passion isn’t waiting to be found. You are waiting to feel passion(ate). There’s a difference, and I’m talking from my own… Read More


Do you want to succeed? Be terrified.

This week, I have been hosting a challenge online and have been connecting with some amazing women. These women have been totally honest with me and have shared their biggest secrets on why they are not yet living a… Read More

Find your Passion

How I spent 4 weeks of my life reflecting in coffee shops

This is the honest story on how I found my passion (+ a gift at the end of the post to help you on your own journey.) Growing up, I moved back and forth between 3… Read More


What I learned from this little girl on a talkshow

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE watching children on talk shows – especially when they get to the part where they receive a gift. I was watching this video online from the Ellen Degeneres… Read More